REVIEW: Bourjois Healthy Mix // healthy balance powder

I have read a many Healthy Mix Reviews, and I have to write one too. Because I want to.
I purchased the foundation because I fell victim to the hype. It was everywhere and I couldn't get away from it. I was also looking for a more moisturizing foundation for winter. That might be a bit premature in June, but what the heck.

So now here you have my two cents:

Initial observations: Wonderful fruity smell, goes on thin and liquidy, gives a light coverage and the illusion of fresh sparkly skin.

Later  observations: Doesn't oxidize, nice staying power, t-zone has become really oily after a couple of hours (maybe 3 - but I did set it with powder after applying it).

Final thoughts: I do quite like it. I have found a great primer to wear underneat that helps with the iol-issue, which I will tell you all about in a later post. I have the shade 51 'light vanilla', although a shade darker may be better for summer. But as I plan to use it more in the colder months, I wanted to go for the lighter shade. Anyway it is no big deal to warm the whole thing up with a little bronzer or the healthy balance powder (which was and still is only available in the shade 52 'vanilla' and upwards in my local drugstore), which also adds colour.
If it really is as hydrating as it claims to be has to be seen. Last winter was the first time I had issues with really bad dry patches on my skin, and I hope that if they reoccur this foundation can handle it. If not, the Healthy Mix Serum should be an option, but I read that it has even less coverage. And me no likey that.

Now lets go on to the second product.

Though findig many reviews on the Healthy Mix Foundation, ones on the matching powder are rather rare. I purchased the healthy balance powder together with the Healthy Mix foundation, because I like buying the matching powder and foundation when I try a new line of products. Kind of a pet peeve.

Initial observation: Devine smell, fruity and fresh

The healthy balance powder is finely milled and does have some coverage. It  promises 10 hours of mattification, but that most definately does not hold up. I have read about people that do agree with this claim, but I do not think that they have oily or combination skin. I do like this poweder though, but if applied to often or to areas of the face other than the t-zone, it can look cakey and does accentuate lines. But if you keep it nose and forehead (only slight dusting on the cheeks) you should be fine.

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